It’s not a secret, small or big, we all visit the toilet at least once per day, and when nature calls, that structure better not carve in beneath us. And us heavy people often get anxious to find out about our toilet’s weight limit or even when heavyweight friends are coming over.  

So, I made it my duty to research about toilets weight limit and wrote this post to help you answer the question of, “How much weight can a toilet hold? 

Wall Mounted Toilet vs. Standard Toilet Weight Limit

Most of us either have a standard (floor mounted) toilet or a wall-mounted one. That is why I have begun by looking at these types of toilet weight-bearing capacity.

Floor Mounted Toilet Weight Limit 

These toilets have a higher weight-bearing capacity compared to the wall fixed models. They can carry lots of weight because they are firmly attached to the surface.

An average standard toilet can hold over 1000 pounds, which is about 453 kgs. That means these units can hold anybody, no matter the weight of the user. 

I would recommend a floor-mounted toilet to heavy people. And the best thing is that they don’t require complicated plumbing installation or maintenance.

Wall Mounted Toilet Weight Limit

The other type of toilet found in homes is the wall fixed toilet. These toilets don’t touch the surface and hold less weight compared to the floor-mounted ones.

An average wall-mounted unit has a weight limit of 500 pounds or 227 kgs. One thing I must tell you is that these toilets can easily hold even the heaviest of individuals.

However, they often get lose over time and can easily fall when you are using them if they get lose. Their plumbing is located on the wall, and they take much effort to install and maintain. 

Toilet Seat Weight Limit

Another common question that most people ask is how much weight their toilet seat can hold. It is good to know this figure as well, because it has nothing to do with the overall toilet weight limit. 

The average weight limit of a toilet seat is 300 pounds. That is why you see many standard toilets breaking or cracking even if they can hold up to 1000 pounds. 

These toilet seats are not made to withstand even the slightest of wriggling of lightweight users. That can easily explain why heavy users often crack or creek standard toilet seat when they use them. 

Do Toilet Companies State Weight Limits?

You might not believe it when I tell you that these brands don’t give much information when it comes to the weight of their products bearing capacity. That is even more annoying when you see the statistics of people getting obese every other day around the world. 

You can find every feature and specification of toilets on their marketing material as well as their benefits, but you won’t find the weight limit. I believe it would be to the benefit of these companies if they listed their products weight limits.

Average Toilet Bearing Capacity is Adequate 

An ordinary man weighs about 196 pounds while a woman weighs 166 pounds. Every the most obese people rarely go beyond the 450 pounds weight capacity.  

Therefore, even a wall-mounted toilet can bear the weight of most users without breaking. And it is even better to have a standard toilet if you are obese as it can take at least 1000 pounds, twice that of a wall fixed one.

Final Verdict 

How much weight can a toilet hold? A standard toilet weight limit is set at 1000 pounds while a wall mounted toilet weight limit is 500 pounds. The toilet seat weight limit is 300 pounds.   

Gift Ideas for any Mechanic

It always seems like there are gifts for everyone except for the mechanics. Well, that should no longer be a problem as today we share some of the best gift ideas for a mechanic. If you have a friend of family member that is a mechanic, then they should end up with the best gift ever. Let us look at the list of top gifts below. 

  • Magnetic wristband 

It is amazing just how much a magnetic wristband can come in handy for a mechanic. Such a wristband is good for holding the commonly used tools. If the mechanic is working on a car, then he can have the commonly used small tools on the wristband. These wristbands come with strong magnets that can hold multiple tools. Also, it can be time-saving for the mechanic who can easily access the tools. 

  • A padded mechanic stool 

Sometimes a mechanic will have to work on a demanding job that needs to stand all the time. If it is time to work on the lower part of the car, having a padded mechanic stool goes a long way to make their life even easier. Make sure that the stool comes with rotating casters so that it is easy to move from one place to another. 

  • A mechanic’s toolkit 

Having a complete toolkit always makes the life of a mechanic easier. It is the reason they would be happy if you get them a complete mechanic’s toolkit. Take the time to check out various toolkits available. The one that you get should be good in terms of quality so that he does not have to worry about the tools breaking. 

  • Coffee mug in form of a tire

Mechanics also love to end up with a quirky gift. This is where you can buy a tire coffee mug. This is where the coffee mug has tire-like decoration on the outside. The mug should be something he enjoys while on break taking his beverage. Most of these mugs will be perfect for drinks at different temperatures. Just make sure it is made of high quality material. 

  • A mobile gear seat 

Mechanics love to move around with all their tools they would need to work on a car. It is the reason you want to get your friend a mobile gear seat. This is simply a padded seat with a storage underneath it for storing some tools. The seat will also have caster wheels to help moving it around. 

  • LED flashlight 

LED flashlights come in handy to help your mechanic friend to easily see what he is working on at night. It can also be in tight spaces or a poorly lit garage. Get him the type of flashlight he can mount on his head so that he can have the hands free to work on the car. These lights are often bright, durable, and affordable. 

  • Digital tire pressure 

A tire pressure is always an important tool for a mechanic. It helps them to know the right amount of air in the tires for a client’s car. New digital tire pressure gauges are easy to read and use thanks to the LCD screen display. This also makes them more accurate. 

  • Mechanic creeper 

Most people would not understand just how important a mechanic creeper is until they try it out. This helps the mechanic to get under the car with ease. Get the best model with a high weight capacity. 

  • Electric car blanket

For those cold months, a mechanic could also use an electric car blanket. The blanket should have a long power cord so that it can even be used while in the backseat. 

  • Turbocharger keychain 

If your mechanic friend loves the turbocharged cars, then this is a nice gift to get him. The keychain has a miniature turbocharger that makes it even stand out. Some will have a whistle that rotates the blades when you blow into it. This simply mimics the working of a turbocharger. 


Gift Ideas for any Mechanic

As you can see, you do not have to think so hard just to get the perfect gift for a mechanic. We hope that the ideas mentioned above should get you started on picking the right gift. 


It is always important that you get the right threshold for your shower. This is because such a height has to be within the design compliance codes set for buildings. Well, if the building has to be inspected for meeting the design codes and standards, it is always better to have met such conditions. In this guide, we will consider how you are supposed to set up your show and the shower-pan at the right height. Also, we see why this is important. 

So, what is a shower threshold?

This is simply the edge in front of the shower that you have to step over so as to enter the shower. 

As you can see, this height threshold needs to be within the right range so that you can find it easy to get in and out of your shower. 

Depending on the desired design, it is possible to end up with different types of thresholds. Such include traditional, curbed, and beveled. 

The shower dimensions go a long way to help with ending up with the right threshold height. Remember that the shower threshold height is not just for looks, but it has to provide you with the best functionality too. 

Difference between a threshold and a curb 

It is common to find people confusing between the two. For a curb, it is simply a step-in into the shower. The work of a curb is to keep the water from getting out of the shower or pan. The curb height is determined by measuring vertically from the bottom to the top where the flooring material is located. Measure it on the outside of the shower. An example is when you have a 4” curb, then the user will have to lift the feet over 4” to clear the curb and enter the shower easily. 

As for the threshold, it is measured from the top of the flooring material up to the top of the installed threshold. If it is a beveled threshold, then you measured to the part before the angles. You can see it is a bit different from the curb design. 

Is it important?

Well, if you want your home to be up to the required standards, then you have to follow the compliance codes as suggested. In most cases, the bathroom flooring set up outside the shower will determine how the shower fits and functions. As a result, any user is supposed to keep the threshold not to go beyond ¼” than the existing tile outside the shower. Consider this information when ordering your shower so that it can also work with your threshold. 

It is worth noting that the measurements are likely to vary depending on the surface where you have to set up your project. Also, how you the threshold or curb interacts with the outside surface can have an influence on the project. 

Types of shower thresholds

  • Beveled – just as the name suggests, this one will have a slope at different angles depending on the manufacturer. The sloped entrance is seen as good for ease of access as compared to the traditional type. It is also good for those who have walkers or wheelchairs. 
  • Traditional – for this type, it is simply a barrier-free option. Depending on the type of flooring material, sometimes you will find it being called a bull-nose threshold. 
  • Curbed – this is the most common type of threshold seen in many residential settings. It is simply a barrier to keep the water in the shower pan. 

On overall, threshold heights can start from ½” to 2” depending on the shower design. It is therefore important to get the right threshold height depending on your shower or pan size. 


There is no doubt that a toilet seat serves an important role in your toilet. The three major components of a toilet set include a tank, bowl, and then the seat. It is just as important to consider the material used to make the toilet seat just as the material used for the bowl or tank. In most cases, you will find the toilet seats being made of plastic, wood, and polyresin materials. 

Today, we want to look at the seats made of wood and plastic material. We would like to compare them to see which one would be best for you. 

The weather effect

It is expected that a wood toilet seat will always remain warm even during the cold season. The same cannot be said for the plastic seat. This is especially during the winter season where the plastic seat can be hard to use at times. Depending on the preference of a person, it is easy to see why some people would go for the wooden toilet seat in this case. 


In this case, we are looking at the idea of soft close seat. This feature luckily can be included in both cases whether you have a wood or plastic seat. With the inclusion of this feature, it prevents the slamming of the toilet seat, especially when you have kids in the house who tend to do so. It would be great to check the features of the toilet seat before buying just to make sure it has the feature. 


Yes, anyone would feel comfortable if he or she gets to use a clean toilet seat. So, which of the two would be easy to clean? For those who always have cleaning as a priority for their seats, then the plastic toilet cover is ideal. The plastic toilet seat would remain looking as if it was new over the years provided you clean it frequently. The same cannot be said for the wooden seats, as the dirt can get deeply embedded in the wood even with more cleaning over the years. 

Resistant to scratches 

Well, it would be great if you do not have to deal with scratches even on a toilet seat. It is no brainer that plastic toilet seats will be scratch resistant as compared to the wood toilet seats. If you do not want to deal with these scratches, then consider a plastic toilet seat for your toilet. 


The toilet is where you get to relieve yourself, so the comfort is also important. You cannot say that the two would have the same comfort. Some people would feel that the plastic seat is more comfortable as compared to the wood toilet seat and vice versa. In most cases, this is going to be a personal preference. It might be good to read more reviews about a toilet seat first before making up your mind on which would be great for you. 

Design and looks 

The overall comfort of a toilet seat is great, but the looks and design can be important to many people too. As much as the design of the toilet seat is always an afterthought, it does not mean it is not important. It would be great that when you consider the comfort, also look at the design and styling too. 

It is common that a wood seat would make the toilet look classy and stylish. It would also offer the user more customization options. The plastic seat on the other hand would appear simple and clean. 

Durability and weight 

Wood toilet seats will be heavier than the plastic seats. If your family members are heavier, then opting for a wooden toilet seat would be ideal. The best part is that both of these seats are durable for everyday use. Always look at what other people say about the seat cover to learn more about their durability. 


If you want to end up with the best toilet seat, then reading reviews helps a lot. From the comparison above, we see that each has its own pros and cons. It comes down to what a user would prefer based on various factors. Take the time to see what different manufacturers offer then make up your mind on which would be the best for you. 

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Can the Normal Car Shampoo Work in a Pressure Washer

Now that you just got yourself a new pressure washer, you would be trying it out to clean various surfaces. Some of those surfaces would be your car. That being said, you would want to know what type of shampoo to use in the pressure washer for cleaning your car. 

It can be confusing sometimes if you are not sure which shampoo to use. It is the reason today we want to look at if it would be safe to use a normal car shampoo in a pressure washer. 

Pressure Washers and Car Shampoo

The first thing you have to understand is that pressure washers come with special detergent tanks. This means that these tanks can only be filled with specific detergent types. Using other types of detergents can often have some effects on the cleaning and performance of the pressure machine. 

Normal car shampoo is designed to simply be applied on the surface, rubbed in and then washed off. However, that is not how detergents work. Detergents will have to be diluted before being deposited into the tanks. This is all because of how the pressure washer applies the detergent to the surface. The machine picks the detergent in small amounts and then sprays it over the surface. Since most, if not all shampoo cannot be diluted, then it becomes hard to use the same in a pressure washer. 

As much as some people might dilute the shampoo, it is something that is not recommended. The shampoo would end up creating a lot of bubbles and make it hard for the pressure washer to work effectively just as you would have wanted. 

Even if sometimes you might see some special shampoo for a pressure washer, it is better to stick to detergents as they also work great and are easy to apply. 

The Pressure Washer and its Detergent Tank

It is worth noting that not all the pressure washers in the market will have a detergent tank. Some might not have it so making the whole discussion obsolete. Well, even if the model comes with a detergent tank, you have to still look at the recommended detergent to use. The manufacturer will always have this kind of information available to help you use the right detergent always. 

You have to understand that there are many cleaning agents in the market right now. All these cleaning agents are not created equal. Some might have harsh chemicals that will affect the performance of your pressure washer. It is the reason you have to stick to recommended types only. 

You still have to look at the size of the detergent tank. If the tank is small, then you would find it hard to keep on refilling with detergent all the time. This is especially when you have to clean large surfaces. Well, if it is a small surface, then a small detergent tank will just do fine. 

How a Pressure Washer Works with Detergent and Soap

Depending on the type of pressure washer, one can introduce the detergent to the water flow and the other does not. The one that introduces it into the water flow means that the detergent will have to go through the pump. This makes it crucial to use the right soap or detergent as some might affect the pump if they have strong chemicals. 

It is the reason most people would prefer the upstream injection type. With this one, you do not have to worry about the detergent going through the pump. It should keep it safe and working better for longer. 

Hot Water and Pressure Washer Detergent

Another thing you have to understand is that these pressure washers cannot always handle hot water. For a model to handle hot water, it has to be designed that way. As a result, some of the detergents will be good for cold water use while other for hot water use. It just goes on to show that you have to get the right detergent depending on the water you will be using. 


Well, you now have an idea on how detergents can affect the performance of a pressure washer. It is then important to always get the right detergent to avoid costly repairs later on. 

Why Does My Electric Pressure Washer Keep Cutting Out

If you can clean a large area in less time and with so much ease, then it becomes something that you like. That would only be possible if you get yourself an electric pressure washer. Being electric makes it portable to anywhere so long as there is an outlet. 

Nevertheless, the pressure washer sometimes might start acting up. When this happens, you have to know what the problem is and get down to handling it. That is what we look at today when trying to answer the question what can make an electric pressure keep cutting out?

Why choose a pressure washer? 

Well, you have to first understand what is a pressure washer before even buying one. A pressure washer is simply a machine designed with a motor that pumps out water and soap at high pressure and speed. The water produced from the jets will now easily strip off the dirt from a surface. 

Depending on the model that you choose, a pressure washer can deliver a pressure of 750 up to 30,000 PSI. 

Those who have used pressure washers will always give you an account of how easy it was to clean the various dirt and grime off the surfaces. These pressure washers will also come with different nozzle types. The aim of these nozzles is to help you end up with an easy time cleaning the different surfaces depending on your needs. 

Common types of pressure washers

As much as there are many categorizations, we want to look at the major classifications to help you understand the types of pressure washers you can buy today. 

Cold water pressure washer 

This should be the most common type of pressure washer in the market. As the name suggests, this pressure washer will only work with cold water. You should never use hot water as it can damage the pump. To use it, simply hook it up to an outlet and you should be good to go. 

Hot water pressure washer 

This type of pressure washer is good for mostly cleaning greasy and oily equipment. It is the reason they would be found in industries. Well, you can find them also for home use, but only a few exist. Shooting of hot water helps with cleaning effectively, especially those stubborn areas. 

Electric pressure washer 

The electric pressure washers are common in our homes. They will be used to clean small areas even larger areas, but would take time to complete cleaning. Being electric, it means you can even use them indoors without worrying about the harmful gases such as those produced by gas-powered models. 

Gas-powered pressure washer 

As the name suggests, these will run on gasoline to handle their cleaning capabilities. You will find them being more powerful than electric pressure washers. They are not the best to use indoors because of the noise and fumes coming out of the exhaust. For their powerful nature, they are good for outdoor applications that might involve tough dirt and grime. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Washers 

If you want your pressure washer to last for long, below are the Do’s and Don’ts to consider. 


  • Always use a high quality garden hose for supplying water to the washer 
  • Plug the pressure washer directly to the outlet to get the most power required
  • Always conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure everything is working correctly 
  • Check for leaks and replace any gaskets if necessary to avoid loss of pressure 


  • Avoid using the pressure washer when it is raining 
  • Do not forget to fix leaks as they can lead to expensive repairs 

Why Your Electric Pressure Washer is Cutting Out? 

To answer this question, you have to understand how the electric pressure washer works. Its motor works on a cycle. This means that it can turn itself on and off. As a result, when you turn it on, do not proceed to press the release nozzle just yet. When you do this, there is a pressure build up in the pump that makes it engage the off switch. This is what leads to cutting out of the pressure washer when least expected. 

Follow the guidelines on how to operate the pressure washer as stated by the manufacturer. This will help prevent it from cutting out all the time. 

How to Pick the Best Replacement Hose

Just like any other product, after years or use or misuse, it is easy to find a hose wearing down. At this point, it is always better to replace the hose rather than trying to repair it. With a good replacement hose, it would be able to handle the pressure even better so that you can use the pressure as desired. 

The new hose has to be made from strong materials to ensure they do not kink or even curl like the simple garden hose. For that reason, we look at the top tips you have to keep in mind when looking for the best replacement hose. 

How to Pick the Best Replacement Hose

The length 

The length is going to determine the number of applications you can enjoy with the hose. If you are looking to clean the whole driveway, then you need a long hose. This means that you do not have to worry about moving the washer all the time, but rather move around with the hose only. 

Also, the availability of the power outlet where you want to clean determines the hose length. If you do not have many outlets, then it is better to have a long hose. 

Its diameter 

The diameter of a hose often determines where best you can use it in terms of pressure requirements. The most common is the small ¼” diameter hose. This type of hose is meant for consumer-grade use. It is mostly paired with electric and small gas washers. The pressure rating for such a diameter hose will be up to 3200 PSI. 

The other option is the medium 5/16” hose. It is not easy to get in most stores, but it can come in handy depending on where you want to use it. This type of hose is mostly rated for prosumer-grade gas water pressure washers. This is because it is good to handle an average of 2700 to 3600 PSI in terms of water pressure. 

The other option is to use the large 3/8” hose. For its large size, it is easy to see that it would be made for professional washers and some prosumer-grade washers. These hoses are reinforced to make them better in terms of handling high pressures. It can handle pressure up to 10000 PSI. Since they are also thicker, you will find them allowing for more water volume to pass through. 

The construction material

It is possible to find the hoses of these high pressure washers being made from three main materials. They include PVC plastic, polyurethane, and rubber. These materials durability and capability to handle pressure determines which one you want to end up with. 

The PVC plastic hoses are common as compared to the others. They are hard, plastic and still get the job done. The downside is that they are not very flexible. It can be frustrating sometimes to fight it sometimes, especially when you want to store it. 

The rubber hoses are liked for being more flexible. As much as that is the case, they are also heavier so carrying them around can be tough. Another drawback is that they can leave black streaks as you drag them over a concrete floor. 

The polyurethane hoses are relatively new in the market. You will always find them being steel braided to enhance durability. Professionals love them as they can give you the best durability and flexibility without marring the surface.  


Before you can buy the hose, look at the type of connections available. A hose would have two connections; the one connecting to the pump and the one to the spray gun. Look at the options that you get with the hose so that you have the correct hose. Depending on the manufacturer options, you are likely to end up having multiple types of hose connections. 


With the type of pressure that a hose has to withstand, it is always crucial to pick the best among many. If possible, look at the various reviews about the hose before making up your mind. This way, you would know that the one you are choosing is highly recommended by other users. Those who try to repair their worn out hoses always end up disappointed. It is the reason you need to replace rather than repairing.